No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor...

-- Betty Friedan

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    Steph is a sex toy addict. She loves buying toys to use on herself, on other people, and with other people, but often wished there was a place on the web that had truthful, never paid-for, slightly offbeat reviews of the hundreds of thousands of toys that exist out there. Sure, lots of places will tell you how loud a vibrator is, but how many places will tell you how smelly a dildo is, how easy it is to get it into the sweet spot, how the colour actually turned out, or whether or not an anal plug stays in comfortably? Steph will! She tries out all kinds of different toys and implements and brings you all the details she can. 



    So, you’ve got a product that you’d like to get out in front of an audience? You can definitely send it to me, but I will not promise any sort of positive review if it isn’t a positive product. I will also clearly label all reviews that are for products I receive for free as Sponsored reviews. If your product is awesome, though, you’re going to get some great publicity. Please contact Steph for more information on goods or services sponsorship.